Complete Suture Practice KIT for Medical and Vet Students – Reusable Skin Simulation Silicon PAD 4th GEN with PRE-Cut Wounds, Full Set of Essentials Stainless Still SUTURING Tools


  • LEARN QUICK AND PASS EXAM – everything you need to practice with a variety of suture knots and techniques – perfect for practicing your emergency suturing and how to address different wounds. Everything you need to practice your suturing skills on a variety of wounds in order to become an experienced medical student. Set includes – Pre cutted quality skin simulation silicone model with wounds of various shapes (14 wounds), reusable 2 types of suture threads + needles (6 pcs)
  • IDENTICAL SIMULATION – anyone in the medical field knows how different simulation is from the actual practice, so its really important to get as close as it possible to real life-like situations. We believe we came as close as possible with quality of the silicon pad, which is very realistic compared to real skin in the operating rooms. It has 3 different layers of skin (hypodermis, dermis and epidermis, or other words skin, fat and muscle)
  • ESSENTIAL TOOLS + TREADS – there is another key to become a successful medical specialist – by having the right tools! NeoProMedical is well-known high grade company that provides quality tools and supplies for students for more than 5 years. Don’t worry about bended or flattened needles during your practices.
  • WELL ORGANIZED – for any medical student, for teaching and training purposes. Portable but big enough for best practicing. Use it for – Exams and study suturing, demonstrations, practice before in emergency situations. IT IS NOT intended for use on humans or animals.
  • BEST MATCH – Our goal is to provide you with what you need at the lowest cost and the highest quality. We are sure that you will find your purchase very valuable and you are very welcome to explore more of our products.


This 20-piece premium grade stainless steel suture practice kit is perfect for students, teachers, artists and other professionals looking to perform their work safely, and effectively.

This kit will help you take your projects to the next level. Unlike other kits, we provide as many tools as possible of the high quality.

The following instruments have been hand-packed for you:

  • BEST MATCH – We know when you find high value in your purchase you will look to us for all your dissection needs.
  • BASED ON USAGE RESEARCH – We have select most needed and usually used instruments for most cases you will have. So, whatever you need to do, you will find needed tool.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – You can boil them or swab by alcohol, or sterilizer, with no risk of damage to your instruments.