OFF! Family Care Insect & Mosquito Repellent, Unscented with Aloe-Vera, 7% Deet 6 oz, Value pack. (Pack of 2)


  • Formulated with DEET
  • Repels biting flies, gnats, no see ums, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes
  • Non greasy formula. Contains fragrance to mask DEET smell
  • Works on outer surfaces of clothing. Spray shirts, pants, socks, and hats. Will not damage cotton, wool, or nylon
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OFF! FamilyCare Unscented repellent provides just the right level of protection for spending shorter amounts of time outdoors. With a traditional unscented formula, this is the perfect choice for feel-good mosquito protection for the whole family. Our formula contains 7% DEET and works on the outer surfaces of clothing. Product label may vary.