OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-Lock | Lightweight Silicone-Coated Keyed Bike Lock | Anti-Theft Steel Bike Lock


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  • STRONG: Tough, durable design. Double shackle 12mm hardened steel with anti-rotation deadbolt (shackle diameter 16mm with silicone). Use cinch lock for quick stop security and protecting against opportunity theft.
  • KEYED: Two keys included with Sidekick. Cinch lock is combination. OTTOLOCK cinch lock is not a replacement for a U-Lock. Double up for added security. See use guidelines.



Silicone-Coated, Compact U-Lock

SIDEKICK is a NEW addition to the OTTOLOCK family, designed for preventing bike theft by itself or together with a cinch lock for added security.

SIDEKICK is set apart from other U-locks by its compact silicone-coated form factor and lightweight size, making it easy to stow in a backpack or pocket.

SIDEKICK weighs just 1.65lbs! For maximum bike security, use together with an OTTOLOCK cinch lock.

  • Combine with OTTOLOCK Cinch Lock for extra security
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 1.65lbs.
  • NON-MARRING: Silicone-coated. Won’t scratch your bike frame.
  • STRONG: Double-shackle 12mm hardened steel
  • KEYED: Two keys included.

Color: Black Sidekick Bundle

Part Number: 220001