OTTOLOCK Steel & Kevlar Combination Bike Lock | Lightweight, Compact, Durable Design | Ideal for Cycling & Outdoor Gear 18inch


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT – Weighs only 145 grams (0.3 lbs). Much lighter than a U-lock. Coils to a diameter well under 3 inches. So light and portable you won’t even know you are carrying it. Keep it in your saddle bag, backpack, in your pocket, or on bicycles.
  • QUICK STOPS – Use for quick stop security and protecting against opportunity theft. OTTOLOCK is not a replacement for a U-Lock.
  • MATERIALS – Made with multi-layer steel and Kevlar bands. Coated in anti-scratch Santoprene plastic.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COMBINATION – 3-dial combination lock. Reset the combo as needed. Read instructions.
  • BEST USE – Bicycles – locking single post to frame only, or as secondary lock for wheel to frame.



Award-Winning Compact, Portable Design

OTTOLOCK cinch locks are designed for bicycle quick stops (water, snacks, and rest breaks) and outdoor gear used to protect against opportunity theft.

Cinch locks are ultra-lightweight and coil to compact diameters as small as 3 inches. Made with multiple layers of stainless steel and aramid fiber, OTTOLOCK cinch locks have defined a whole new category of convenient security.

OTTOLOCK is great for more than bicycles and can be used in the outdoors, with motorcycles, travel, and trades.

  • OTTOLOCK is not a replacement for a U-Lock. See our use guidelines to understand when best for you.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 145g – 260g. Easy to carry almost anywhere!
  • COMPACT: Coils to a 3 inch diameter
  • DURABLE: Chip-resistant paint and plastic band that will not scuff or harm finishes.
  • CONVENIENT: Keyless resettable combination.

Color: Flash Green | Size: 18 Inch

Part Number: 202045