X XBEN Climbing Harness Professional Mountaineering Rock Climbing Harness,Rappelling Safety Harness – Work Safety Belt


  • Material: nylon webbing, polyester and Dyneema attachment point, polyethylene/EVA foam, closed-cell foam padding, 3D woven polyester mesh.
  • Safety First: CE Certified EN 358-2000.Harness Weight Limited:300Kg, Breaking Strength:22KN, strong and secure.
  • Fairly comfortable and flexible – Our professional climbing harness is designed to transfer the tension of the rope from the connecting loop to the back of one’s thighs–so you’re actually sitting in a seat. Climb harnesses Waist Strap: 80-120cm(31.49inch-47inch) Leg Strap: 60-75cm(23.62inch-29.53inch)
  • Protect Waist and Quick-adjust leg loops, Best equipment for Rock Climbing, Downhill, Skiing, Ice climbing gear, Construction, Welding, Camping, Winter climbing, Tree Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Engineering protection, Tree Stand Accessories, Training, Aloftwork, Caving, Rappel, Abseiling, Tower, Roofing Working.
  • Premium Quality Deluxe Half Body Climbing Harness,Thick,Wider and Safety Waist Belt great for women,men and older children.


X XBEN Committed to providing you with high-quality products and quality services.Safety and comfortable is above everything else.


✔ Perfect frame construction holds excellent weight.

✔ All the connections and webbing are very stable with reinforced ends.

✔ Enduring black buckle allows quick and easy adjust the waist and leg belt.

✔ Wider waist belt and leg loops with double thickened straps keep you comfortable while climbing.

✔ Professional climbing harness for mountaineering, outward band, fire rescue, rock-climber, zipline, tree climbing, rappelling,caving, arborist, working on tower and roof.