Full Front Windshield by Dot Weld – 2015-17 Arctic Cat HDX | Prowler



  • 1/4 inch thick U.V. stabilized and shatter proof polycarbonate
  • Contoured to hood with full length rubber seal
  • Attaches with Velcro straps for no noise mounting
  • No need to remove windshield when towing vehicle
  • Excellent finish with smooth rounded edges

PLEASE READ: Upon receipt of your windshield and prior to removing the protective film

  • Inspect for any damages, including scratches protruding through the protective film
  • Ensure product satisfaction
  • Confirm correct fitment

Once protective film is removed, the windshield is no longer returnable or refundable.

SKU: DOT-ACP61-F Category:

Applicability: Fits

  • 2015-17 Arctic Cat Prowler 550 XT / Prowler 700 XT / Prowler 1000 XT
  • 2015-17 Arctic Cat Prowler 500 HDX / Prowler 700 HDX
  • 2016-17 Arctic Cat HDX 500 / HDX 700 / HDX 700 Crew

We don’t know what’s worse. Picking bugs out of your teeth or zero protection from the elements. You get to experience both if you’re running around without a UTV front windshield. Fortunately, there are a ton of aftermarket accessories you’ll find each with their own benefits. Some are over-the-top with extras, some more durable, and some have different mounting systems. So, what works best for you? One Arctic Cat outfit that caught our attention is the HDX Full Front Windshield by Dot Weld.

Don’t let the simple design fool you. Dot Weld brings nothing but durable construction to the table with this Prowler 1000 XT front windshield. The component is formed from a quarter-inch thick UV stabilized, shatter-proof polycarbonate. Dot Weld rounded the edges to increase the strength and aesthetics as well. A rubber seal is also included to reduce drive noise and protect the plastic hood from scratching or cracking. It’s built for battle and dramatically improves the quality of your ride. How? You ditch the intense wind, bugs, and other uncomfortable environmental factors.


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Full Front Windshield by Dot Weld – 2015-17 Arctic Cat HDX | Prowler