Polaris General Cardo Packtalk Bold Intercom by SuperATV


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Communication out on the trails can be picky. By the end of a long day at the dunes or rocks, you’ll be hoarse just from shouting directions to drivers. Get Cardo PACKTALK Intercom Headset to make communication better than ever. With advanced linking features, a noise-filtering mic, and high-quality audio, you can count on this UTV intercom headset to kick miscommunication to the curb.

High-quality HD audio.
40 mm speakers.
Lightweight and rugged industrial design.
Fully adjustable fit and padded headband for comfort.
Noise isolating 5/8” ear pads.
Noise-filtering, integrated boom microphone.
Water resistant.

  • Uses Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC)
  • Connects up to 15 PACKTALK units in a group
  • Up to 1-mile unit-to-unit range in perfect conditions
  • Connects to standard Bluetooth intercom devices and DMC-enabled PACKTALK units simultaneously
  • Connects to phone, GPS, and DMC group simultaneously
  • Natural voice activation
  • 13-hour talk time
  • IP67 water resistant rating
  • Built-in FM radio
  • High-definition audio




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Polaris General Cardo Packtalk Bold Intercom by SuperATV